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Streamline your business with Voice over Cloud

VOCPhone is a powerful cloud business phone system. Have a look at our most popular features used by businesses just like yours.

Interactive Voice Menu

Enhanced customer experience by ensuring client calls are always being directed to the right person the first time with interactive menus and announcements.

Android & iOS APP

Stay connected with the office with the FREE Android and iOS App. Transfer, make and receive office calls without showing your personal mobile phone number.

Windows APP

Work from home and stay connected with the office with the FREE Windows App. Transfer, make and receive office calls without needing any hardware.

Time Conditions

A phone system that understands your business hours and working days by sending calls to the right place at the right time.

SMS Messages

Enhance your campaign or customers service with SMS messaging sent straight from your customer portal and select between one-way or two-way text messages.

Voice Mail to Email

Stay on top of business when you can’t talk by having voicemails emailed to your inbox as an audio file.

Call Queuing

Never miss another call and reduce customer waiting times with 7 easy to configure call ring strategies and personalised greetings.

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With over 40+ easy to use features ready to supercharge your business communications, find out how.
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